ScienceTutor4Me is a premiere Science Tutoring center for high and middle school students, with a mission to enhance Fundamental knowledge, Applications, Critical thinking and Test Taking abilities.

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We believe that every child is different and have varied levels of abilities. Our tutoring is based on a three-step process.
* Evaluate student to gauge their Academic standing.
* Create program to reinforce their fundamental knowledge.
* Observe improvements and refine program as required.

Our tutors focus on F.A.C.T Methodology.

Fundamental: We focus on building solid foundation to help students enjoy and develop a keen interest in the subject.
Application: Science is an integral part of our daily life, applying knowledge learnt helps students to remember subject matter better.
Critical Thinking: Science is all about analysing and asking What, Why, How. We encourage students to be interactive and think "out of the box"" to help build their Critical thinking skills as they move to college.
Test Taking: Test taking is an important skill it is stressed through out our course. We teach students unique test taking skills and principles of studying "Smarter not Harder".




Sheeba John, the principle tutor is a California Credentialed teacher, and has taught high school Science in California Public Schools for over a decade at following bay area schools.

1) James Logan high school (Union City)
2) American high (Fremont)
3) Monte Vista High (Danville)

Over the past decade Sheeba had the opportunity to instruct a diverse group of high school students in Science and as a result, has developed a highly effective teaching techniques and instructional methods.

Sheeba John holds a Bachelor's degree in Science, Bachelor's degree in Education and Master's degree in Education,.